I possess worked as a carpet cleaning service technician in Rochester, New You are able to for the previous six years and absolutely swear by the Dry Foam Extraction washing system. Experience provides taught me that it is far superior to typically the business method. That is a quite effective low moisture in addition to rapid drying rug cleaning method. laundering service within Racine, Wisconsin makes the equipment. They? ve been in business since 1935.

How does this work?

The portable machine generates an even layer of dried out foam just ahead of the brush. The dried out foam emulsifies (separates) the dirt from your rug fibers. A soft cylindrical brush combs and lifts typically the pile all the way to the camp of the floor covering. The emulsified soil is then immediately taken out using a powerful built/in vacuum? all within one forward move.

Some Advantages regarding the Dry Polyurethane foam Extraction System:

? The particular carpet is cleaned right down to the base. The complete bristle? brush lifts the dirt in an upward action to the surface.
This loosens any kind of deeply embedded dirt. The carpet will be? Deep Cleaned? in addition to the pile appears revived.

? There exists a simultaneous dry foam washing and vacuum pick-up all in one easy step. Right now there is no need for separate equipment.

? The lower moisture-cleaning real estate agent uses only a 10 % normal water mixture. This prevents the over wetting of the carpeting and backing.
Simply no need to worry about carpet damage like browning, shrinkage, buckling, delaminating, and mildew and mold.

? Carpets dry quickly due to reduced moisture retention.

? Dried out Foam cleaning systems usually clean more quickly than hot normal water cleaning systems.

? Typically the detergent is ecologically safe and leaves carpets feeling gentle to the touch. Excellent popular perfume.

? The device is extremely gentle on area rugs.

Some observations I have made regarding Hot Water or even Steam Cleaning systems:

? Too much numbers of water usually are applied by heavy steam cleaning systems. Area rugs become soaked.

? Hot water can destruction some carpet fibers. It might also result in color bleeding, shrinking, and browning. Spot resist carpets can lose their resistance.

? The detergent applied in water cleaning systems seems to depart a residue that will can attract dust.

? Carpets require additional time to dry.

Bottom line:

I use cleaned floor coverings professionally for a number of years using the particular Dry Foam Cleansing System. I possess received numerous kind comments from many satisfied customers. Most people enjoy it. It? s just the best!

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