A Good Man Is The Most Difficult Kind Of Man To Love

It’s hard to love a good man. A good man is not a good man: he doesn’t do things to be kind, he does things because he has a moral code, a set of values ​​that he prioritizes, and will always do everything he can to make sure his actions are in line with his personal standards. A good man will not do what is easy or convenient, or even what he wants to do; he will do what he knows is good.

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He will never lie to you to avoid your feelings or to take care of something because social constructions consider it a courteous or polite course of action, and in fact he will do many things that will make you angry and frustrated. But you can’t be mad at him, because he’s a good man after all.

A good man is the one who accepts the call of his ex girlfriends while he is with you, because he knows that she has anxiety and would only call her in an emergency, and is obligated as a good man to do whatever he can to help. even when he makes those around you uncomfortable.

A good man will put the needs of his friends and family before him, even when he recognizes that his he friends and his family are manipulative or selfish, because a good man is always loyal. Worse still, a good man will believe that his unwavering honesty in not wanting a relationship will nullify his increasingly relationship-like actions, the kind of thoughtful actions a good man would consider necessary in any of them. interactions with a woman, despite the confusion they would cause.

And the lucky woman who spends this time with a good man will never be angry, because how can anyone be angry with such a good man? Any woman knows that in today’s world of non-relationships, receiving the gift of such open communication is a real blessing, even when it hurts.

Being with a good man is certainly difficult, but being without one is devastating. No one can blame a good man for making the logical decision to close a deal, especially when he isn’t doing it alone. Of course, a good man will always be courteous and kind, which makes it basically impossible.

A good man will change you; You will enjoy the warmth of hours upon hours of meaningful conversation and the certainty that your good man is not doing it for any reason other than his genuine interest in you and your thoughts. And so a good man, despite his flaws and sometimes irritating habits of kindness, has set the bar so high that no chance of meeting at a local pub or having a conversation on Tinder will make him feel like he could. get close to your good man.

And since you can’t get mad at a good man, you won’t even be able to forget him and instead of sitting at your desk writing a horribly cliched article about him to distract you from texting him on his birthday, because I don’t want you to. be that good man. you feel bad for inspiring those feelings that would make you remember his birthday 4 months after your relationship ended.

Feelings he tried to keep you from having, because he’s a good man, and feelings you couldn’t help having, because he’s a good man. So it is true that finding a good man is difficult, but keeping him is even more difficult and losing him is simply impossible: impossible to face, impossible to accept and certainly impossible to let go.

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